Back for 2020

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve concentrated on writing blog posts, after getting vExpert recognition I’ve let the content slide into non existence.

A busy work and family schedule meant I didn’t have the time but I’m hitting 2020 with renewed vigour and I hope these pages will again be filled with useful content.

Since the last posts (the majority of which were written at the beginning 2017!!) allot has changed, I’ve moved from the realm of infrastructure into infrastructure engineering and I’ve been exclusively working on vRealize Automation and Orchestrator and I’ve clocked up a ton of enterprise miles using the product on multiple projects.

I had a whole blog series written around how to “cloudify” vRealize 7.* including how to work CI/CD pipelines into your environment, coding practices, VM mobility and all that lovely stuff but with the release of vRA8 and the completely new design and extensibility engine I thought I’d start a fresh, the further I dive into infrastructure engineering the more I enjoy it and the more I drift into other product sets that are not VMware centric.

So going forward this blog will have a wider scope, it will likely have VMware product’s at its core but will branch off to look at alternatives, as the industry changes I want to fully transfer from being an “Infrastructure/VMware engineer” into being an automation engineer (DevOps engineer if you like)

With vRA8s new extensibility engine and native integration with Ansible, Azure, AWS etc this seems like the perfect time to do that.

With the above in mind, the first post will be about my new (ish) lab.

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