VCAP-DCA 550 Study Guide

Hey All,

I’m preparing for the VCAP-DCA 550 exam in 3 weeks and I thought I’d help others doing the same by creating a study guide/collection of resources that I used.

The majority of the content I find online is geared towards the VCAP-DCA 5 track, while there are many overlapping objectives that occur both in the DCA-VCAP5 & the DCA-CVAP5.5 there is also quite a bit of new content in the 5.5 as well.

Where content is already available on the objective, I will post the link. Where content isn’t available or I feel I have something to add I’ll detail it/post a link to articles that will cover the objective in detail.

Hopefully this fill in the blanks for those (like myself) who are taking the 550.

Links to downloads that cover a whole section (such as the vBrownbag podcast series) will be posted in the Section summary, links to individual objects will be posted on the object pages.

For those who are not aware, the VCAP certification will soon change to the VCIX Certification.

There will be an upgrade path for those who have passed the VCAP-DCA or VCAP-DCD to obtain the VCIX-DCV.

Essentially the VCIX is a combination of the VCAP-DCA & VCAP-DCD & requires you to pass 2 exams (a design & administration) to become a VCIX.

My plan is to pass the VCAP-DCA 550, then take the design section of the VCIX once it’s announced, that will see me obtaining the VCIX.

The guide is based on the VCAP5-DCA 550 Version 3.3 Blueprint.

If you want to know more about me & my technical credentials, please see the about me page


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