Objective 2.1 – Implement and manage virtual standard switch (vSS) networks

  • Create and Manage vSS components

A vSwitch or “vSS” is a virtual switch created on an ESXi host. Unlike a vDS which shares it’s configuration with multiple ESXi hosts and is stored in the Virtual Center a vSS is explicit to a single host.

a vSS is made up of a number of components, the Switch its self, Port Groups & Physical Network adapters.

a vSS doesn’t need to have physical Network adapters or any port groups to exist, although it’s useless without them.

If you build an ESXi host from an ISO the host will start with a vSS called “vSwitch0” by default. vSwicth0 will start with a VMKernel port group & a virtual machine port group It will also have at least 1 physical adapter assigned to it.

I have created a new vSwitch by using the “Add Networking…” option on the Networking Configuration page of an ESXi Host.


I created the vSS with no Phsyical network adapter and I removed the Virtual Machine port group so we can work through adding components of the vSwitch


To start configuring the vSwitch select the “Properties…” option


  • Create and Manage vmkernel ports on standard switches
  • Configure advanced vSS settings

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