vRO Return Datastores over a specified TB size

This code will return only the datastores over a specified Terabyte size.

Set two input parameters

inputTB as type number, this will be the TB size that will determine the Datastores to return.

set another input parameter as inDS as array type VC:Datastore

Set the output parameter as outDS as array type VC:Datastore

var tbSize = inputTB * 1073741824;

System.log("Variable tbSize is "+tbSize);

var ds = new Array();

for each (d in inDS){ if (d.summary.capacity >= tbSize){ ds.push(d);} System.log("name: " + d.name +" Size: "+ d.summary.capacity);}

outDS = ds;


2 thoughts on “vRO Return Datastores over a specified TB size

  1. Could you please help me how to give custom hostnames which are precreated in infoblox while submitting a catalog request for multiple instances from a single blueprint.

    For ex: I have created host records for 3 machines, windows1, windows5, Windows29. I want to give these hostnames with pre-allocated IP addresses while rasing the machine provisioning request, when I select 3 instances, however, I can see only one form to give first hostname, I do not see any input option for other hostnames, i e windows5 and windows29. Please let me know if there is a way to fulfill my requirement.


    • Hi, Sorry for the late reply.

      First question is, i’m assuming your composite blueprint is posted as catalogue items and you’re not front ending it with a xaas form?


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