Pizza box mistake…

Since leaving EMC and subsequently losing access to a lab, I had been mulling over a home lab for some time. Ultimately, what I wanted to do was keep upfront costs down. I built a 3 node DL360 G6 vSAN lab with 3 x 10K SAS HDs and a 60gb SATA SSD per node, 24gb RAM per node, 2 x Intel Xeon procs, it didn’t perform to shabby and all for a few hundred quid, pretty good buy or so I thought!

I’m not stupid (honest) I’d read horror stories about large electricity bills and thought “meh, how bad can it be”. Luckily Scottish power (my energy provider) are on hand with their year on year electricity comparison graph to show just how bad it can be, from 15.05kWh on average (over 92 days) to 27.03kWh on average (over a shorter 78 days)

My capex saving is now an opex cost…

Take my advice, avoid the pizza boxes… learn from my mistake, like UK Top Gear, I have been ambitious… but rubbish!

Now to start planning my next lab…

By the way, I have three DL360 G6s going if anyone wants to buy them?



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